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PiccoNail Oneshot - Both Ways
Author's Note:-
This is my first PiccoNail fic n_n I never really shipped these two before, but I've been reading the fics of agirlnameded on tumblr and they're all so well-written and cute that I wanted to try my own. Since being on tumblr I'm really starting to like this pairing! So, I hope I did a good job. Please leave your feedback, thank you :)
Piccolo panted heavily, pinned down under the weight of his training partner. It had started as a tackle, when Piccolo had been foolish enough to drop his guard. Now… he wasn’t sure what this was. He’d started off being angry, angry at himself for being knocked down. He wasn’t angry now, though. He was… confused. Why was Nail staring at him…?  
“Are you… going to get off me?” Piccolo uttered.
“Sure.” Nail replied. “Throw me off.”
Piccolo went to do exactly that; he tried to move his arms up to push
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Taiko's Mother's Day
This is just a little scene I made... :iconsetting-sunflowers: had an OC Taiko whose baby died before he hatched, and after reading/seeing a lot of sad posts on tumblr I decided to write a reunion. Just in time for Mother's Day as well ^_^ I hope it's okay... I cried while I was writing it.  
“Viola… if I show you something, do you promise to keep it just between us?”
“Listen to me, Viola. This is important. You absolutely cannot let your father know I’m showing you this – he’s a better person than he was, but he’s still a bad person. He’ll use them for evil.”  
“I know that! Don’t worry Grandpa, I won’t tell him.”  
“Good… and remember, they’re only for emergencies. You can’t use them for selfish things, that’s how I got banned from using them.”  
“Okay, I get it! Just show me.”  
“Do you prom
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Are there any Undertale fans out there who wouldn't mind drawing a comic of a scene from my fic...? Um... basically Papyrus knocks someone to the ground so that he can help them to their feet :XD: If you want to call it an art trade I can write you a short oneshot in return :)
Hi all

It has come to my attention that some asks on my DBZ tumblr demoniclovedbz haven't been coming through, so please forgive me if I haven't answered your ask! I try to answer asks within 24-48 hours of them being sent, so if you sent your ask more than 2 days ago and I still haven't answered it, it more than likely didn't come through.
I'm still trying to figure it out (and I'm open for suggestions/advice if anybody has any???), but in the meantime please send me your ask again as a private message either to my DBZ page or my main tumblr coldphoenix, or you can send me a note here on DA. If you wish to remain anonymous please state this in your message and I won't tag your name in the answer.

Thank you for your patience guys, and sorry for any inconvenience!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom
main tumblr:-
Dragonball Z tumblr:-

I'm a hobbyist writer who recently got into fanart. I haven't been drawing for very long so my picture uploads might not be all that great, but I'm trying to improve my skills and I hope that one day I'll be really good :)
My current fandom is Undertale, but I was a DBZ fan for years and still dip in and out of it. I'm into the King Piccolo family right now but most of my old DBZ work is all about the saiyans and icejins.

Right now I'm working on an original story which I'm aiming to self-publish later this year, so I'll probably be uploading a few Undertale and DBZ fanfics to help me practice my writing skills. If you like my fics or art, please follow/watch me and spread the word about my work, so that I can make my original known when it finally does come out. I can't afford professional marketing :XD:
Also, feedback will be very much appreciated if you have the time to comment on my work :) Thanks in advance!

Welp, that's all I guess. Enjoy your stay!


Please send me a note for further details.



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