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Happy Mother's Day by coldphoenix1 Happy Mother's Day :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 18 2 Happy Piccolo Day by coldphoenix1 Happy Piccolo Day :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 14 9 Dress like an icejin by coldphoenix1
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Dress like an icejin :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 7 13
Katas - Big Flirt by coldphoenix1 Katas - Big Flirt :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 7 3
PiccoNail Oneshot - Both Ways
Author's Note:-
This is my first PiccoNail fic n_n I never really shipped these two before, but I've been reading the fics of agirlnameded on tumblr and they're all so well-written and cute that I wanted to try my own. Since being on tumblr I'm really starting to like this pairing! So, I hope I did a good job. Please leave your feedback, thank you :)
Piccolo panted heavily, pinned down under the weight of his training partner. It had started as a tackle, when Piccolo had been foolish enough to drop his guard. Now… he wasn’t sure what this was. He’d started off being angry, angry at himself for being knocked down. He wasn’t angry now, though. He was… confused. Why was Nail staring at him…?  
“Are you… going to get off me?” Piccolo uttered.
“Sure.” Nail replied. “Throw me off.”
Piccolo went to do exactly that; he tried to move his arms up to push
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 6 6
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Taiko's Mother's Day
This is just a little scene I made... :iconsetting-sunflowers: had an OC Taiko whose baby died before he hatched, and after reading/seeing a lot of sad posts on tumblr I decided to write a reunion. Just in time for Mother's Day as well ^_^ I hope it's okay... I cried while I was writing it.  
“Viola… if I show you something, do you promise to keep it just between us?”
“Listen to me, Viola. This is important. You absolutely cannot let your father know I’m showing you this – he’s a better person than he was, but he’s still a bad person. He’ll use them for evil.”  
“I know that! Don’t worry Grandpa, I won’t tell him.”  
“Good… and remember, they’re only for emergencies. You can’t use them for selfish things, that’s how I got banned from using them.”  
“Okay, I get it! Just show me.”  
“Do you prom
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 1 12
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My Dragonball Super website doesn't work anymore, does anyone know where I can download the episodes?
Okay so for anyone who needed proof that I'm a loser, it's Piccolo Day and I have spent ALL day on tumblr reblogging and posting Piccolo-related fics and art, as if I'm some kind of event coordinator. I genuinely can't remember the last time I put so much effort into something, aside from my kid's first birthday :XD: And you know what? I have fucking loved today!!! HAPPY PICCOLO DAY EVERYONE!!

So because I think about namekian biology on a regular basis, here’s an essay.

FACT (unless I am mistaken):

Dragon clan namekians can produce eggs. Warrior clans cannot.

Theory 1:

Warrior clan namekians have the same sex drive as dragon clans, but warriors are more likely to be sluts because they can’t get ‘pregnant’, so they don’t have the responsibility of an egg to take care of, so they basically just go around fucking whoever and don’t care about the consequences because they’re not the ones who will be stuck with a kid.

Theory 2:

Warrior clans actually have a lower sex drive than dragon clans, because they can’t produce eggs so their desire to mate isn’t as strong.

Theory 3:

Warrior clans have a higher sex drive because their biological purpose is to fertilise the dragon clan’s eggs, so when comparing to the animal kingdom the warrior is essentially the male who will father multiple offspring from multiple mates and move on from one mother to the next, while the dragon clan has the female role of child rearing and once they are fertilised they focus on raising the offspring and have less of a desire to find a new mate. They may enter into a relationship to help with raising the child, but their desire to breed again after having a child won’t be as strong as a warrior’s. Warriors are essentially more likely to be deadbeat dads that take off and leave the dragon to be a single parent to their child, because their desire to stay with one mate and become a permanent part of the family unit just isn’t as strong, whereas if two dragon clans mate they are more likely to stay together and raise the child as a two parent family. For these same reasons dragon clans tend to be more selective with their mates, while warriors aren’t as picky. Dragon clans are also more emotionally attached to their mates and children, while warriors find it more difficult to form emotional bonds.

Theory 4:

Warriors actually have little or no sex drive, because they aren’t fertile at all and aren’t even capable of fathering a dragon clan’s egg. Their sole purpose in the namekian race is to protect the weaker (and possibly smaller) child-bearing dragon clans, and they will likely train or even raise any warriors that are born, for the purpose of teaching them how to protect the dragons of their generation.

The validity of Theory 4 depends on how you think warrior clans are born. If there is a warrior gene that needs to be passed on from a parent in order to produce a warrior child, then warrior clans must be at least capable of fertilising dragon eggs, otherwise eventually the warrior gene would be taken out of the gene pool, leaving behind a race of weaker, defenceless dragon clans.

The alternative is that the clan type is comparable to human sexes; just like a human could have a male or female child, a namekian could have a dragon or warrior, regardless of what the parents are or whether the child has been produced asexually. So if this were the case, then warrior namekians could be completely infertile and they would still exist within the namekian race.

Or combine the two! The clan type is like human sexes and isn’t determined by the parents’ clan, but warrior namekians can still fertilise a dragon egg. In this theory, some dragons might prefer to mate with a warrior because they are typically stronger, so even if the child is another dragon, they could still inherit some of their warrior parent’s strong genes. A ‘hybrid’ like this could be a desired child, one who is a dragon clan but has warrior traits. I think this is my favourite theory, and it’s my personal headcanon that Katas, Kami, King Piccolo and Piccolo Junior are examples of such hybrids :D

I personally headcanon that Katas was the sole parent of Nameless, and that he and his child/ren and grandchild were all dragons, but because Katas had warrior genes somewhere in his family (possibly his own parents?), he and his offspring have warrior traits. This is why King Piccolo is stronger than an average namekian but still capable of producing eggs – he is a dragon clan with warrior genes somewhere in his bloodline. He and Kami are actually biologically the same, but because he is the more aggressive side of Nameless he displays more warrior traits while Kami displays more dragon traits.

I also read somewhere that Piccolo Junior is ½ dragon and ½ warrior (not sure if this is fanon or canon?), this could be because King Piccolo was the more aggressive side of Kami, so his warrior traits were passed on and possibly enhanced in Piccolo Junior, giving Junior the ability to become significantly stronger than regular dragon clan namekians.

And that’s the end of my headcanon essay XD Hope you all liked it! Feel free to leave your own headcanons, I love hearing them :D


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

I'm a hobbyist writer who recently got into fanart. I haven't been drawing for very long so my picture uploads might not be all that great, but I'm trying to improve my skills and I hope that one day I'll be really good :)
My current fandom is Undertale, but I was a DBZ fan for years and still dip in and out of it. I'm into the King Piccolo family right now but most of my old DBZ work is all about the saiyans and icejins.

Right now I'm working on an original story which I'm aiming to self-publish later this year, so I'll probably be uploading a few Undertale and DBZ fanfics to help me practice my writing skills. If you like my fics or art, please follow/watch me and spread the word about my work, so that I can make my original known when it finally does come out. I can't afford professional marketing :XD:
Also, feedback will be very much appreciated if you have the time to comment on my work :) Thanks in advance!

Welp, that's all I guess. Enjoy your stay!


Please send me a note for further details.

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