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Good Morning :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 2 0
Mature content
Pinch Me :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 2 0
Happy Father's Day by coldphoenix1 Happy Father's Day :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 21 6
So this is a very short follow-up to my Frit one-shot Sweet Dreams. I was going to do a nsfw followup but I thought of this one first. Don’t worry though, I’ll still do the nsfw as soon as I can XD For now, enjoy this fluff.  
The softness was overwhelming. As Frost lay his head down on the pillow and pulled the bedsheets over him, he could barely enjoy the luxury of not sleeping on the streets before his eyes started to close. He didn’t even realise he was so tired. He wasn’t, really… not through lack of sleep anyway. He was just mentally drained. Exhausted, fatigued… from being on the run for so long. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d relaxed. He’d forgotten what it felt like to bathe, and eat good food and sleep in a soft, warm bed… Actually, he’d forgotten what it felt like to sleep without having to keep on
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 3 0
Sweet Dreams
Author’s Note:-  
This is my first Frit one-shot… it’s also my first time writing Frost or Hit, so apologies in advance if any parts are out of character. I always kind of saw Hit as being pretty intense with his emotions, like when he gets feelings for someone he doesn’t just have a small crush on them, he falls in love with them deeply, right away, to the point where it’s quite poetic and extremely intense from the start… and would probably freak the person out if he told them XD Anyway, I hope this is okay. Comments and reblogs would be appreciated :) Thank you!  
*Also depending on time and feedback I might do a NSFW follow up, I’m still deciding.  
Frost stepped into the house, cautiously eyeing up his surroundings. Hit had told him that Lord Champa wanted him to compete in another tournament… but it didn’t seem like Champa was anywhere in sight. What the hell…?
“Where is this?
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 4 0
Gift Narrative - Happy Birthday, Noise!
Author's Note:-
So this is a birthday gift for :iconthe-noisemaker:. Sorry it's late... I didn't realise it was your birthday until the day OTL So I kind of rushed this... I hope that doesn't come across much. But I know you always liked how I use dialogue with your characters, so I hope this is okay :) Anyway!  
Happy belated birthday, Noise! Stay cool!
*(Also, I know I made Clay more patient than usual... but I remember once you said you're the only person he wouldn't eat, so I took some artistic license and figured that even if he doesn't normally concentrate or hold back, he maybe would for his mama :heart:)  
Well… the human child was here again, in this strange place. They’d been here twice before, and both times they had almost been killed. So why had they come back? Truthfully, they didn’t know. Maybe it was just their determination. Maybe they were adamant to save the two troubled souls that lived here. Or… maybe it was som
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 2 2
My Hero by coldphoenix1 My Hero :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 12 6 Happy Mother's Day by coldphoenix1 Happy Mother's Day :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 22 2 Happy Piccolo Day by coldphoenix1 Happy Piccolo Day :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 14 9 Dress like an icejin by coldphoenix1
Mature content
Dress like an icejin :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 8 14
Katas - Big Flirt by coldphoenix1 Katas - Big Flirt :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 8 5
PiccoNail Oneshot - Both Ways
Author's Note:-
This is my first PiccoNail fic n_n I never really shipped these two before, but I've been reading the fics of agirlnameded on tumblr and they're all so well-written and cute that I wanted to try my own. Since being on tumblr I'm really starting to like this pairing! So, I hope I did a good job. Please leave your feedback, thank you :)
Piccolo panted heavily, pinned down under the weight of his training partner. It had started as a tackle, when Piccolo had been foolish enough to drop his guard. Now… he wasn’t sure what this was. He’d started off being angry, angry at himself for being knocked down. He wasn’t angry now, though. He was… confused. Why was Nail staring at him…?  
“Are you… going to get off me?” Piccolo uttered.
“Sure.” Nail replied. “Throw me off.”
Piccolo went to do exactly that; he tried to move his arms up to push
:iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 6 6
Dress like a namekian by coldphoenix1 Dress like a namekian :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 12 9 Why aren't you afraid of me? by coldphoenix1 Why aren't you afraid of me? :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 13 0 Ahoi! by coldphoenix1 Ahoi! :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 15 14 How To Kiss Your Tiny Wife by coldphoenix1 How To Kiss Your Tiny Wife :iconcoldphoenix1:coldphoenix1 13 4

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Yeah so I haven't really been active on here recently... I've been doing a lot on tumblr and AO3. I haven't drawn for a while, I think drawing was just a small phase for me that I've kind of grown out of. It's too hard lol. Writing is my real passion and always has been, but as this is an art site I don't often post my fics here... especially now that I'm in the DBZ fandom, because I know the majority of my DA watchers are here for Undertale and I left that fandom a while back. So just a heads up... if anybody wants to see my work I am very active with DBZ and DBS fanfics on my tumblr pages coldphoenix and @demoniclovedbz. I'll probably just come on here to post art, but I'm not really drawing right now, so... sorry. But you can find me on those pages, or on my AO3 (coldphoenix).
Thank you for your continued support :) And apologies to those of you who are only here for Undertale, you can stop watching me if you want. Take it easy~
Okay random but does anyone in England remember that advert from like 20 years ago that features the song Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight? I just remember it was some kind of medicine or sleep remedy, and the advert ended with someone asleep in bed and the bed is floating on a lake or the sea or something...? What was that ad for?! I've been trying to remember since I was a kid lol
Hello all
Just a message to say I'm sorry for not posting Undertale stuff in a while... to be honest I've kind of left the fandom. I still like it enough to appreciate other people's art and I still reblog a fair amount of Undertale things on my tumblr (, but I'm just not motivated enough to do my own UT stuff right now.

The Undertale fandom hasn't been too kind to me... I really enjoyed playing the game so my passion for it was genuine and I was obsessed with it for a short while, but tbh I only really got into Undertale because I was feeling demotivated with my DBZ stuff, and UT was a fun break. But... I guess I'll always be a DBZ fan deep down, and now that I've returned to that fandom sadly my enthusiasm for Undertale has died down.

I had a few more comic ideas that I will in all likelihood never draw, and I had a Gaster fic idea that I always told myself I wouldn't write until I finished my DBZ fic. Well my DBZ fic still isn't finished, and I don't have much motivation to write Undertale anymore, so in all honesty I don't know if it'll happen... Part of me regrets not writing it while I had the drive, but a much bigger part is glad I didn't, because it more than likely would have gone unnoticed and that would have depressed me even more than I already was. The lack of feedback in the DBZ fandom left me literally crying in my bedroom, then my boyfriend came in and found me, and I had to explain myself which was very embarrassing... By this point I'd been struggling in the fandom for so long that I'd convinced myself I'm a terrible writer, and that my lifelong dream of becoming a famous author would never be realised - something that I'd never doubted for a second until I got into fanfiction and realised just how unpopular my writing was. So, bearing that in mind, God knows what that Gaster fic would have done to me. Probably would have led to more crying and a general feeling of worthlessness from which I might not have recovered.

Anyway. I'm not saying I won't ever write it because I do like the idea still, but it's very low down on my list of priorities. I am largely motivated by feedback and I was never popular even when Undertale was at its finest, so I doubt I'd get much of an audience now that the fandom is dying down... and this fact makes me less motivated to write it. It just seems kind of pointless, and with all the other projects I have on right now I don't really have time to write something that nobody will ever read. I can't put myself through that, I still haven't totally recovered from the mini breakdown I had in DBZ.

Anyways. I just wanted to give you all a heads up, if you're here for Undertale only then you probably won't see much content from me... I won't say never, and I am planning on uploading a small Dadster art for Father's Day, but other than that it'll be mostly DBZ for the foreseeable future. Although I am still posting Undertale things on my tumblr, so feel free to follow me there.

Thank you all for following me, and please know that I have sincerely appreciated each and every one of your positive comments :) Your feedback is the reason I stayed in the fandom for as long as I did, so thank you so much for that. I guess I'll see you all around. Take care of yourselves :heart: 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United Kingdom

I'm a hobbyist writer who recently got into fanart. I haven't been drawing for very long so my picture uploads might not be all that great, but I'm trying to improve my skills and I hope that one day I'll be really good :)
My current fandom is Undertale, but I was a DBZ fan for years and still dip in and out of it. I'm into the King Piccolo family right now but most of my old DBZ work is all about the saiyans and icejins.

Right now I'm working on an original story which I'm aiming to self-publish later this year, so I'll probably be uploading a few Undertale and DBZ fanfics to help me practice my writing skills. If you like my fics or art, please follow/watch me and spread the word about my work, so that I can make my original known when it finally does come out. I can't afford professional marketing :XD:
Also, feedback will be very much appreciated if you have the time to comment on my work :) Thanks in advance!

Welp, that's all I guess. Enjoy your stay!


Please send me a note for further details.

Buy Me a Coffee at



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